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East Swindon | October 17, 2017

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The HGV weight restrictions on Merlin Way and Kingfisher Drive will be permanent!

The HGV weight restrictions on Merlin Way and Kingfisher Drive will be permanent!
Dale Heenan
  • On April 27, 2016

Cllr Dale Heenan, “Finally! When the original weight restriction expired after reaching the legal maximum time limit, I managed to convince the Council to introduce a new modified version of the weight restriction which banned all HGV’s on Kingfisher Drive to stop this shortcut to and from Dorcan Industrial estate but also banned HGV’s using Merlin Way when local residents were at home, after work and school.

The first weight restriction received over 60 complaints, and just 2 letters of support so Swindon Council Officers had no choice and couldn’t make it permanent. The second weight restriction had 23 letters of support, and 2 objections, and a clear justification for making the limits permanent.

In the last four months I have received only one complaint from a resident about HGVs on Merlin Way and none on Kingfisher Drive, so the new restrictions have worked!”


Details from the delegated decision note by the Head of Transport at Swindon Borough Council:

“Over the last few years the local community has raised concerns regarding the amount of Heavy Goods Vehicles using Merlin Way. In response the Council introduced an experimental Traffic Regulation Order prohibiting heavy good vehicles exceeding 7.5 tonnes maximum gross weight from using Merlin Way in 2013 until June 2015. The Council received a number of representations against the permanent continuation of this experimental Order.

Also whilst this experimental Order was in force concerns were raised that Kingfisher Drive was seeing an increase in heavy good vehicles that had been displaced from Merlin Way.

These concerns and representations were considered in a Cabinet Member Briefing Note which recommended that the Head of Highways and Transport take the following action:

  • Introduce an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order for a 7.5t Weight Limit on Kingfisher Drive between St Pauls Drive (West) and Merlin Way.
  • Investigate introducing a new Weight Limit on Merlin Way that would apply only during certain hours.

The reason for making the above Orders is to improve the environment for local residents by restricting unnecessary HGV vehicles whilst allowing an appropriate route for those good vehicles requiring access.

The Experimental Orders were advertised on 30 September 2015. Two objections were received, along with 23 letters of support. One objection from a resident of Oxford Road was concerned over extra HGVs diverting onto their road. The intention is that HGVs will use Covingham Drive and it is not anticipated that there will be an impact on Oxford road.

One objection is from a milk tanker driver accessing farms on Wanborough Road who now approaches via Lower Wanborough village (presuming he is impacted by the timed restriction on Merlin Way). Balancing different needs means that the impact of HGV movements on Merlin Way residents must be set against the inconvenience of the HGV travelling through Lower Wanborough. On balance, it is recommended that the environmental impact on Merlin Way residents takes priority.

This is an alternative option to the original Experimental TRO in Merlin Way. The only other option would be to not introduce a weight limit – but this would not address the environmental concerns of local residents and Ward Members.”