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East Swindon | October 21, 2017

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11/07/2006 – Schedule for 2 weeks as a Councillor

Dale Heenan
  • On July 11, 2006

While talking to local residents recently, no-one has realised just how busy a Councillor can be. Previous Councillors in the ward may have only popped out of the woodwork at election time, but Glenn, Phil and I like to do things a little differently. With a leaflet through every door of the ward every 3-4 months, and regular door knocking this is a short article on what I will be up to over the next 2 weeks !

I write this on day 2 of the 2 week period so this is only what is planned at the moment, I expect more things will crop up! Already I know that I have urgent issues with the Youth Service about Duke of Edinburgh, Performing Arts and a local football team.

Monday evening kicked off at 6pm with a meeting with Roderick Bluh (Council Leader) and Fionuala Foley (Deputy Leader) looking at how I can best be involved in the Council over the coming year outside of the Committee system. For the next couple of months, this means I will be helping Cllr Peter Greenhalgh deal with Residents Parking.
After this meeting was a visit to a resident in Nythe and this meant I wasn

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