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East Swindon | November 22, 2017

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Swindon Labour

After receiving comments from local residents in letters and at surgeries about the differences between the Conservatives and Labour, by popular demand, this section has been created to shed light on what Labour say and do.

March 2014

February 2014

  • Official Council figures published in a Freedom of Information request show Labour Councillor for Covingham and Dorcan has reported just one pothole in 12 months, while Conservative Councillor reports over 60 issues
  • Labour Councillors and parliamentary candidate launches Council election campaign claiming Conservative are selling off Lydiard Park as part of an asset stripping campaign

November 2013

October 2013

September 2013

  • Labour Councillor fails again to speak up for Coleview as Conservatives retain Bus Service
  • Labour Councillor for Covingham & Dorcan speaks up for Penhill, but not local residents on Labour plans to build 300 Council houses a year if they run the Council
  • Labour Councillor for Covingham & Dorcan issues two negative press releases against local Conservative Councillor but fails to call, write or speak to him about the issue! Opposition by media only


August 2013

July 2013

June 2013

  • Labour start delivering negative by-election campaign leaflets 72 hours after the funeral of the popular Conservative Councillor Rex Barnett, and endorsed by the Labour Parliamentary candidate for North Swindon
  • Labour Councillor for Mannington & Western calls Conservatives liars on twitter
  • North Swindon Parliamentary Candidate for Labour says Politics should be about Policy and Vision but as Deputy leader of Labour Councillors refuses to talk to his colleagues about negative campaigning,  inflammatory language, and misleading claims to local residents
  • Labour Councillor for Covingham and Dorcan refuses to work with his two Conservatives Councillor colleagues to help tackle ward issues
  • Coleview bus service is extended by six months to November 2013, and its confirmed Labour Councillor for Covingham and Dorcan didn’t meet or ask those in charge like the Conservative Cabinet Member for Transport to keep the service!

May 2013

  • Labour Councillor for Covingham and Dorcan launches personal attacks in letters to residents of Coleview and Liden accusing local Conservatives of “betraying residents”
  • Council Attendance figures are published by Swindon Borough Council, and the Labour Councillor for Covingham and Dorcan is discovered to have attended an average of one meeting a month since being elected in May 2012 – 16 meetings in 12 months
  • All Labour Councillors vote against a Nythe Parish being created for Nythe residents and households saving upto £70 a year each, and Labour Councillor for Covingham and Dorcan claims only one person has spoken to him about it!
  • All Labour Councillors vote for keeping areas of Headlands and other streets in the Labour jeld ward of Upper Stratton & Penhill out of Stratton Parish Council because “it would hike Council Tax by £70”! Their own words

February 2013

  • Labour group proposes cuts to Covingham Library and Liden Library in their Council budget. In contrast the Conservatives found the money to save both libraries.
  • Every Swindon Labour Councillor votes against the Conservative budget for a Council Tax Freeze

December 2012

  • Labour Parliamentary Candidate, and Deputy Swindon Labour group Councillor proposes Swindon Borough Council videos Full Council meetings. Later transpires in March 2013, that same Councillor  advocates to Conservative Cabinet that the option involving a cost of £600 a meeting should be agreed, Conservatives say no and support volunteers, not Council money being spent on his pet project.

September 2012

  • Labour Councillors refuse to vote for a motion led by two Conservative Councillors that “The provision of Infrastructure in the Eastern Villages is of huge concern to local residents and local Councillors on the East of Swindon, particularly the issue of traffic.” and series of actions to help tackle the problem.