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East Swindon | February 22, 2018

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We are keen supporters of our local libraries and hold our ward surgeries at Covingham Library and Liden Library. We have secured Saturday opening hours, refurbishments and even given them our own books.

In February 2013, Labour wanted to close every Library in Swindon except West Swindon, North Swindon and the Central Library! Yes Covingham Library and Liden Library would have closed if the Labour budget had been approved, and the Labour Councillor Julian Price voted for it.

This is not rhetoric but fact.

Labour refused to find any money in their proposed 2013/14 budget to protect Local libraries from closure, and they all voted against the Conservative budget where money was found to protect them.


Council Tax freeze for 3rd year while Labour vote against

 | February 25th, 2013 | No Comments »

On Thursday night, Swindon Conservatives voted for a budget and a Council Tax Freeze, which was passed by just two votes – 27 to 25. This means Swindon residents have seen no increase in Council for three years running. Swindon Borough Councils budget totals £146 million and this year included over £10million of back office changes and efficency savings – all items that do not impact front line services. This budget included over £40 million for Adult Social Care and protecting the vulnerable, no cuts! Amongst the measures included no change in Library openings hours in the year ahead. For Covingham Library and Liden Library this is especially important. Unfortunately, this positive news is offset by Labour councillors who voted against the Conservative budget! The most senior Labour Councillor was not prepared to find money to protect libraries, and wanted changes without thinking through the consequences, such as plans to

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Swindon Council starts consultation on new, longer hours for Covingham Library

 | February 13th, 2012 | No Comments »

lidenlibrary  Cllr Dale Heenan, “Through the excellent work of Council staff and the Friends of Covingham library group,  Covingham library has issued more than 28,000 loans and renewals over the last year – up 3%. Swindon Council is now consulting on plans to increase the opening hours of Covingham Library, and follows last summers decision to increase  popular Liden Libraries opening hours. There are three options, and I hope in the future we can extend the hours even more. I would encourage as many residents as possible to let myself, or the Council their preferred option” More details at :

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Dale Heenan

 | May 8th, 2011 | No Comments »

Cllr Dale HeenanFirst Elected – Thursday 10th June 2004 Re-Elected – Thursday 1st May 2008 Re-Elected – Thursday 4th May 2012 10 Swan Close, Swindon SN3 4QB 07792755227 Dale Heenan lives in Coleview and is a local resident in the ward he represents Covingham and Dorcan, on Swindon Borough Council. The Covingham and Dorcan ward includes Lower Coleview, Covingham, Dorcan, Nythe and Liden.   Ward Surgeries The second Saturday of every month 10am to 11am – Covingham Library 11am to 12pm – Liden Library A bit about Dale Dale is currently Cabinet member for Strategic Planning and Sustainability, which means he is responsible for the growth of Swindon and green issues ranging from Renewable energy to the planting of new woodland and protecting open space. “I have been a Councillor for nearly 10 years and it is a tremendous privilege. I am very pleased to be the local Councillor for the area I

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27/4/09 – Refurbishment of Covingham Library

 | April 27th, 2009 | No Comments »

Swindon Libraries would like to invite you to celebrate the refurbishment of Covingham Library, which has been funded by Section 106 contributions. When:           Friday, 1 May 2009 Time:           3pm Where:  Covingham Library, St Paul’s Drive There will be tea, coffee and cakes, hosted by the Friends of Covingham Library.  This group are pro-active in promoting the library and organising events, and will also be publicising their events calendar. Cllr Dale Heenan “This work underlines the Council’s commitment to supporting this service. The Friends of Covingham Library are hosting the event and do a sterling job, helping to run Story times, coffee mornings and fund raising events.I urge as many local residents as possible attend this event and show their support for the refurbishment of Covingham Library. “

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19/3/09 – Talk of Covingham Library Closure is utter nonsense!

 | March 19th, 2009 | No Comments »

I have been contacted by several local residents about a news article in today’s Swindon Advertiser’s saying that Swindon Borough Council considered closing Covingham Library, along with 8 other Libraries to save money. This was the first time I had heard about these plans, with the Leader of the Council unavailable, I immediately rang the Deputy Leader of the Council, Fionuala Foley at home to discuss what was going on. Following this conversation, I am pleased to say that talk of closing Covingham Library is utter nonsense.The report which was “leaked” was one written by Council Officers and looked at several options for Libraries in Swindon. This option was dismissed out of hand by Cabinet members as unacceptable. The Deputy Leader has agreed to put it in writing that there are no plans to close Covingham Library, and that will receive this next week along with support of the Leader

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11/1/2008 – Dale donates 30+ books to Covingham library

 | January 11th, 2008 | No Comments »

It’s spring clean time for Cllr Dale Heenan, as he donates dozens of books to Covingham Library. 2008 is the Year of Reading and is a National event that starts on World Book Day on 6th March. Dale: “I’m moving to Covingham shortly, and with so many books on my bookcase at home my first thought was to donate some of them to the local Library. Being a Councillor is more than just attending meetings, but helping the Community and supporting facilities such as Covingham Library. Residents frequently donate books, the amount depends on the library but Covingham receives about a carrier bag full a month. Covingham Library is seeing a growth in the number of books being read, and is one of the most popular of Swindon’s smaller libraries. I hope that residents enjoying reading these ones as much as I have. The authors are a wide range from

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