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East Swindon | November 23, 2017

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Dale Heenan

Dale Heenan

Dale has been a local Councillor since 2004 and lives in Lower Coleview, Swindon. He is the Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning & Sustainability of Swindon Borough Council, but his full time job is being a Senior Project Manager

Posts By Dale Heenan

10/10/06 – Capitol Close Planning Refused

October 17, 2006 |

Cllr Glenn Smith

At today’s Planning Committee that was held at the Civic Offices, the planning application for the new house in the garden of 16 Capitol Close, Coleview was refused.

Following many complaints from residents about over-development and … Read More

17/10/06 – Welford Close Slurry Treatment

October 17, 2006 |

Cllr Glenn Smith

Following the start of the slurry application in Welford Close, Coleview on Tuesday last week, I reported the poor quality work and issues the residents experienced to Council Officers. I also demanded that the contractor comes … Read More

16/10/2006 – Dale completes the Swindon Half Marathon

October 16, 2006 |

On Sunday 15th October, Cllr Dale Heenan ran in the Swindon Half Marathon.

For the last 2 years I have run in the 4.5mile Multi Terrain Run around Coate Water, but this year I’ve done one better and completed the … Read More

10/10/06 – Cllr Smith Meets with Swindon College

October 10, 2006 |

Cllr Glenn Smith

Shortly before I went on holiday in September I had a meeting with the tutor of the Gardening course at Swindon College at their North Star campus. We discussed the issue with Covingham Square and how … Read More

20/09/09 – Dale to take part in Swindon Half Marathon

September 20, 2006 |

For the last 2 years I have taken part in the 4 1/2 mile MultiTerrain run on the day of the Swindon Half Marathon. This event takes place in 4 weeks time on Sunday 15th October. This year though I will be … Read More

19/09/06 – Covingham Square Revamp Update

September 19, 2006 |

Plans to revamp Covingham Square have taken 2 big steps forward in the last 7 days.

At the beginning of the month when the idea of redeveloping Covingham Square as a project was first thought about, Cllr Glenn Smith … Read More

19/09/06 – St Paul’s Vicarage Bungalow about to be sold!

September 19, 2006 |

After raising the vandalism of the Vicarage Bungalow and it’s broken fencing with Council Officers, I have been informed that the Bristol Diocesan Board of Finance is discussing the imminent sale of the land to South Oxfordshire Housing Association [SOHA].

Read More

18/09/06 – Litter along Honeybone Walk/Totterdown Close

September 18, 2006 |

After calls to Council officers last week about the state of the verges along Honeybone Walk and Totterdown Close. I am pleased to say that I’ve just received confirmation from Swindon Services, that a Litter Pickup team has cleaned up the … Read More

16/9/2006 – Liberal Councillor Calls Swindon, “Den of Thieves”

September 16, 2006 |

Cllr Glenn Smith

A Liberal Councillor from Calne has had the cheek of writing in an article for a motoring magazine and makes reference to Swindon as a “den of thieves”. This is based on the fact his car … Read More