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East Swindon | November 24, 2017

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Tories protect Lydiard Park, while Labour lie to win votes

Tories protect Lydiard Park, while Labour lie to win votes
Dale Heenan
  • On April 5, 2014

For several months, the Swindon Labour party have been printing leaflets, letters and asking people to sign a petition on stopping the Conservatives selling off Lydiard Park. On hearing about this happening, every Conservative Councillor and every Conservative candidate signed an open letter saying the Labour lies were nonsense and there are no plans, and never have been any plans to sell Lydiard Park. This has been reported in the Swindon Link too

lie is a false statement to a person or group made by another person or group who knows it is not the whole truth, intentionally.

Despite the Conservatives making clear their position, Labour party Councillors and the Parliamentary candidates, continue to tell residents disgraceful lies in a desperate attempt to secure votes to win control of the Council on the May 22nd elections. If they are prepared to willfully mislead local residents on Lydiard Park, can you believe anything they say.

First it was a sell off as part of an asset stripping campaign, then it became the Conservatives wanted to lease the Park for 99 years, and now it is “offloading” the Park to the private sector. This is all make belief designed to scaremonger and create fear among residents so it is clear that no matter what the Conservatives say about protecting Lydiard Park, the Labour will make up another false claim.

On Thursday night, Swindon Borough Council held on a debate about this issue. The Conservatives wanted to have a serious responsible debate about the future of Lydiard Park and

Cllr David Renard, Leader of the Council, was explicit in saying that Lydiard Park would never be transferred or sold to the private sector by the Conservatives.

I suggested that the Council needed to find ways to avoid the kind of game playing and political interference that the Labour party are doing on Lydiard Park. One way could involve a “Lydiard Park Heritage Trust” with a board of cross party political representation, and membership of groups like the Friends of Lydiard Park.

This entirely reasonable suggestion was dismissed out of hand by Labour Councillors, who were only interested in repeating their claims of sell offs and that “Swindon Borough Council always knows best”.

The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats voted for the motion below, while Labour opposed it.

“This Council,

  • condemns the scaremongering and claims being made that Lydiard Park and House is being “sold off” and is part of a campaign of “asset stripping” within the borough.
  • reminds Members of their duties under the Councillors’ code conduct not to bring the authority into disrepute.
  • agrees that there are no plans, and this Administration will not bring forward any plans, to sell Lydiard Park and House.
  • requests that the Cabinet Members for the Economy, Regeneration and Culture and Highways, Strategic Transport and Leisure, presents a report to Cabinet as soon as practicable on ways to ensure that Lydiard is preserved for future generations to use and enjoy such as through a trust.”