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East Swindon | November 21, 2017

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Labour Councillors Scottish Job, in his own words

Labour Councillors Scottish Job, in his own words
Dale Heenan
  • On February 4, 2014

At the request of Labour Councillor Julian Price to clarify a mention about this new job in this article, we are happy to leave him to explain the situation in his own words and pass no judgement since it is for residents to decide the merits.

A resident contacted Cllr Richard Hurley and Cllr Dale Heenan in October 2013 because they had discovered that Labour Councillor Julian Price uses Facebook, but had failed to enable any privacy settings. This means Julian’s profile, all of his posts, comments and images are fully available for the world to view, rather than only being available to his friends.

You can read Cllr Julian Prices comment yourself at Though for ease of reading, a screenshot is posted below along with a transcript of the comments including all original typo’s.


Julian Price, 28th October via mobile. Finished first day of my new job, excited at the new challenge but still apprehensive over the distances I am going to cover

Julian Price, 27th October via mobile, En route to Stirling to start new job tomorrow, just left Peterborough, now thi is not quite the commute I thought off when looking for work

Chris Williams, as in Stirling Scotland?

Julian Price, Thsts the place!

Jade Badcock, so Scotland during the week and Swindon at weekends? Good luck with the job and commute.