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East Swindon | September 20, 2017

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Labour Cllr Julian Price should be ashamed of his leaflet says Covingham Parish Council

Labour Cllr Julian Price should be ashamed of his leaflet says Covingham Parish Council
Dale Heenan
  • On November 29, 2013

Labour Councillor Julian Price has found himself in more trouble over his latest leaflet where he claims credit for action on HGV traffic on Merlin Way.

Cllr Dale Heenan “We knew Julian Price was telling pork pies in his party political leaflets. and now his claims for credit on action to tackle lorries on Merlin Way have been publicly demolished by Covingham Parish Council in a letter published in the Swindon Advertiser

It has been a long running campaign by residents to see the issue of lorries tackled on Merlin Way. It was my idea for Lorry Watch and the use of a Traffic Regulation Order for a Weight Restriction, and it was Covingham Parish Council who picked it up, ran with the idea and worked with residents to gather the evidence needed for the Weight Restriction.  I’ve then helped manoeuvre the ban through the Council find the money and make it happen. This is a problem which is not party political in any way”

History of Merlin Way Weight Restriction, and Council orders signs for the HGV ban
Labour Councillor for Covingham & Dorcan caught telling pork pies again! 


The following letter from Covingham Parish Council was printed in the Swindon Advertiser on Saturday 23rd November 2013 about the latest leaflet being delivered to local residents by Labour Councillor Julian Price.

Dear Editor,


Under the heading on the front of this leaflet “MERLIN WAY PROGRESS AT LAST THANKS TO JULIAN” I must protest in the strongest of ways as also within this leaflet he states “THAT AFTER HE SPOKE TO COUNCIL OFFICERS FUNDING WAS PRODUCED FOR A WATCH TO BE SET UP AND THANKS TO LOBBYING FROM HIMSELF PROGRESS HAS NOW BEGUN” well Ward Councillor Price you know and I know that this statement is incorrect infact it is completely untrue and you should be ashamed of printing such facts.

It was indeed the residents of Merlin Way that started this fight to stop heavy lorries over 7.5 tons using Merlin Way as a rat run and wished for some form of traffic order placed upon the road and they had been fighting for this for many years who then came to Covingham Parish Council to see if we could help within their fight which we did as they were unable to get any form of help from SBC at the time.

It was the residents and the parish councillors including myself who conducted a traffic survey in the days/evenings and nights that provided the information required and within all the time taken over the survey not once did Ward Councillor Price or any known member of the Labour Party come and support the survey but it was undertaken by the residents of Merlin Way and Covingham Parish Council and also it was undertaken at no cost to any political party.

Once the information and the survey was completed the results were given to the Conservative Ward Councillor for Covingham and Dorcan Councillor Dale Heenan who then passed all this on to SBC on behalf of the residents and Covingham Parish Council and helped guide us through the process of obtaining a traffic order.

This traffic order was obtained by the hard work of the residents of Merlin Way and the parish councillors of Covingham Parish Council and this should be noted and known as these residents and indeed Covingham Parish Council gets very little praise for what they do for or within their community so please let us have praise where praise is due and not allow any political councillor from any political party ask or seek praise for something that has become a success but from others namely the residents of Merlin Way and their Covingham Parish Council and it’s councillors.

Cllr Brian J Osbourn.
Covingham Parish Council