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East Swindon | November 23, 2017

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Draft design for improvements to Covingham Square – send your views in!

Draft design for improvements to Covingham Square – send your views in!
Dale Heenan
  • On September 20, 2013

A possible set of improvements to Covingham Square have been unveiled by Swindon Borough Council for local residents to comment on and say what they think. This work was allocated funding last year but stalled and has only now been moved forward.

Cllr Dale Heenan, “The five Village Centre improvement projects stalled last year, and in May, I asked the Leader of the Council for Cabinet responsibility to get them going. I promised local residents that I would make these projects happen and I intend to follow through on that promise. While Labour have tried to score cheap political points, I have simply concentrated on working hard to get things happening.

I am pleased that Council officers have risen to my challenges and done some excellent work. One Village Centre at a time has been tackled, with Lawn and then Freshbrook moving forward in three months. Now it is time for Covingham Square, and Liden will have its design completed in October. Solid progress within six months!

The draft design for Covingham Square has taken into account of the comments of Covingham Parish Council, local residents and the views of Conservative Cllr Richard Hurley and myself, plus Labour Cllr Julian Price.

Two years ago, Swindon Borough Council removed the tangled bushes and knotweed, and gave the shops a fresh coat of paint at the request of Richard and I. This latest set of improvements is more extensive and focuses on the large grassed area, moving the recycling area and extensive landscaping and planting. Dealing with the loose pavement slabs and flooding in heavy storms is also on the cards

This is a consultation and I will ensure changes can, and will, be made based on what local residents tell us ”