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East Swindon | November 24, 2017

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Do you still have high Insurance costs due to flooding?

Do you still have high Insurance costs due to flooding?
Dale Heenan
  • On September 4, 2013

In June, the government agreed a scheme with the Insurance industry to cap insurance premiums relating to flooding, based on Council Tax band. The new capping scheme should be implemented by the summer of 2015.

Dale Heenan, “Over the last six months, the Council has been able to save over 700 families an average of £80 on their gas & electricity bills so this scheme pricked my interest when I heard about it. I am aware of residents in my ward who continue to pay more than £1000 a year in premiums and sizeable excesses of £2000+. This capping scheme should help reduce those amounts significantly, and for a Band D is claimed to be a maximum of £500 a year so a 50% saving on what residents are telling me!

I have written to the Minister Richard Benyon MP for further details about the scheme, and to lobby for Swindon to be part of a pilot to help local residents cut their high insurance costs now.

I’m also delivering a letter to residents to highlight this scheme. If any family is still experiencing high insurance premiums due to the flooding, please let me know. I cannot make any promises, but I will happily pick up your case directly with the insurance companies and write to them on your behalf to try to secure a reduction now. I have already done this for five people and waiting to find out the results.”


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