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East Swindon | November 19, 2017

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Response to negative Labour attack on Coleview bus in Letters page 24th June

Dale Heenan
  • On June 24, 2013

Dear Swindon Advertiser Letters page

Readers could be forgiven for wondering why Mr Cockbill, a staunch Labour supporter, is fronting a personal negative campaign against Cllr Richard Hurley and I for our successful efforts in keeping a bus service in Coleview (Letters page 24th June). He may not like the truth, but the facts are crystal clear.

  • The off peak Coleview 21 bus service was secured by Richard and I last year with a £15,000 annual subsidy from Swindon Borough Council.
  • I live in Coleview, and I have actively spoken up for Coleview residents so a bus service is retained.
  • I continue to lobby Council officers and Councillors to achieve that aim, and encouraged local residents to use the bus to increase passenger numbers.
  • I am very pleased that the Cabinet Member for Transport agreed to extend the 12 month Coleview 21 bus contract by four months, and at the recent Cabinet meeting he agreed the bus service would continue for atleast six months.

I can understand why Mr Cockbill is frustrated and has decided to personally attack Richard and I. His friend, the Labour Councillor for Coleview, is the Labour party’s senior spokesman on Transport and Planning.

  • Sadly, this Councillor has not bothered to ask those in charge like the Cabinet Member for Transport for a bus service to remain in Coleview,
  • Has not spoken to Richard Hurley and myself, the two Conservative ward Councillors for Coleview to support our campaign.
  • Did not bother to attend the recent Cabinet Bus Strategy meeting to speak up for Coleview.
  • In fact, the only suggestion from a Labour Councillor on the night was to ban buses from some town centre areas!

I believe good Councillors need to take a full and active part in the Council, be prepared to work hard, be a strong voice for your area, and most importantly use your influence to tackle issues for local residents. Being a silent Councillor only interested in getting yourself re-elected at the next election is the worst possible scenario for residents and I hope no one is fooled.


Dale Heenan

Councillor for Lower Coleview, Covingham Liden and Nythe

10 Swan Close, Coleview, SN3 4QB

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