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East Swindon | September 15, 2017

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HGV’s to be banned from Merlin Way!

Dale Heenan
  • On June 27, 2013


A 7.5tonne weight restriction scheme on Merlin Way is be designed in September and, after undergoing the statutory consultation, will lead to a ban on hgv’s using the road to cut through Covingham.

Cllr Dale Heenan
” Local residents rightly complain when lorries and hgvs leave the a419, and cut through quiet residential areas like Covingham to reach Dorcan Industrial Estate and other areas for deliveries.

The proper route from the A419 is clearly sign posted as Oxford Road then Dorcan Way, yet some drivers continue to persist in using Merlin way, Kingfisher, Dorcan Way.

This issue was present long before I was first elected, but we finally have a solution.

Last March, the Government hosted the first ‘Satnav Summit’ to thrash out solutions to end the misery caused when lorry drivers follow out of date directions from their satnavs.

This ‘satnav summit’ gave me the idea of a community lorry watch to gather the evidence needed for a traffic regulation order to implement a weight restriction along merlin way.

Covingham Parish Council picked up the idea, ran with it, and a group of local residents organised themselves and put the time in over several weeks gathering hundreds of pages of car and lorry movements.

I have used this evidence to convince the Council Highways department to implement the weight restriction and ban hgvs.

We must make sure the right vehicles are on the right roads.”

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