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East Swindon | November 17, 2017

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Stratton Parish dirty tricks campaign exposed against local Councillors

Dale Heenan
  • On November 21, 2012

A recent report in the media highlighted how Stratton Parish Council had lodged a complaint to Swindon Borough Councils Standard Committee about Dale Heenan and Richard Hurley. This baseless complaint was then “leaked” the day before the Swindon Council’s Cabinet made its decision on the future of Parish Councils in the town, and then they attempted to get Dale excluded from taking part in that decision making because he is the Cabinet member for Strategic Planning and Sustainability.

A panel made up of Liberal Democrat and Labour Councillors, the Chairman of Haydon Wick Parish Council and two independent residents have unanimously cleared Dale and Richard dismissing the complaint in full.  No Conservative Councillors were members of the panel.


Dale Heenan “Richard Hurley and I have run an effective local, and non-political, campaign to save every household in Coleview and Nythe £70 a year by forming a local Coleview and Nythe Parish Council and splitting away from Stratton Parish. Our campaign used information given to us by Stratton Parish Council, and we knew they would try something to get their way, but we didn’t expect this level of grubby dirty tricks.

All complaints are treated as private and confidential until the matter is referred for investigation, yet despite this Stratton Parish Council leaked their complaint to the local media in an attempt to throw mud at the two of us

The complaint by the Labour run Stratton Parish Council to Swindon Borough Council against Richard Hurley and I has been unanimously rejected by an independent panel. The Parish Council need to grow up and realise we are only acting as a strong voice for local residents.”
Richard Hurley “The Labour run Stratton Parish Council have said they will do everything they can to prevent change happening. They have approved a £10,000 campaign to keep the status quo, banned the public from attending Parish meetings when the issue is being discussed by parish councillors and now they hope throwing mud at Dale and I will make a difference. Local residents should be appear to see this transparent attempt and demonstrates the level of the Parish’s own self importance.

Change is urgently needed and this is going to make us even more determined to see Stratton split up, perhaps even a Nythe Parish, Coleview Parish, Stratton parish and Upper Stratton Parish . “

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