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East Swindon | November 20, 2017

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28th May- The future of the St Paul’s Bungalow site

Dale Heenan
  • On June 27, 2010
St Pauls Bungalow
I am very pleased to say that at my request, Council Planners have drafted a design brief for the St Pauls Bungalow. This design brief will be used as a policy document to test any planning applications that are submitted. If an application does not meet the design brief then this is taken into account and be refused.
Over the years, local residents will be aware of our strong feelings about the site. We have tried to keep local residents up to date with the latest news, and supported their efforts to see the bungalow dealt with.
In 2007, one of the first changes I oversaw was a new policy that took the character of an area into account when deciding applications. This meant bungalow could not be demolished and replaced with flats.
A planning application 3 years was for over 20 flats on the this corner of St Paul's Drive. A successful campaign saw the application refused.
 This new design brief strengthens the Council's role in deciding what happens with the bungalow in the future. 2 references that I believe local residents will be very pleased to read are:
"the form of apartments, a use that is considered to be unsuitable."
"In response to the density and grain of the surrounding area, a much lower density of development exceeding a minimum of 4 dwellings, taking the form of modest townhouses that respond to the similar design characteristics of those houses nearby is expected."

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