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East Swindon | November 24, 2017

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10/11/08 – Update from Flood Warning Duty Officer

Dale Heenan
  • On November 10, 2008

Cllr Dale Heenan “The Thames Region, West Area Flood
Warning Duty Officer this week has included local Councillors and Covingham Parish on their notification emails. This is a sign of the improving communications that failed so much in July last year. “

Please see information below on
the currentnflood watches in force, rainfall fallen throughout the weekend
and rainfall forecast for the next 5 days, including a detailed two day
breakdown of today (Monday) and tomorrows (Tuesday) forecast rainfall.

Last 24 hour rainfall

  • West area
    average over the last 24 hours:
  • Thame Catchment average: 7.5mm (30mm total) 
  • Kennet and Pang Catchment
    4.9mm (34.6mm total) 
  • Ray and Swinbourne Catchment
    10.4mm (10.4mm total) 
  • Ock Catchment average: 12.2mm (6.1mm total) 
  • Churn Catchment average: 1.0mm (1.0mm total) 
  • Cherwell and Ray Oxon Catchment
    average: 12.7mm (38mm total)
  • Evenlode Catchment average: 9.4mm (9.4mm total) 
  • Windrush Catchment average: 11.1mm (22.2mm total) 
  • Thames Catchment average: 8.7mm (60.7mm total) 

Lastn48 hour
rainfall detail:

  • West Area
    Average over last 48 hours: 8.8mm

Flood Watches in force:

The following catchments are on a flood
watch.n These flood watches will remain in place throughout today, in
anticipation of the further rain forecast for today.n

  • Evenlode Catchment
    (specifically for the Evenlode Bridge area) –
    issued at
  •  Windrush Catchment (specifically the
    River Dikler) – issued at
    0700n 10_11_08
  • Ray Oxon Catchment
    (specifically for the Langford Bridge
    area) – issued atn
    0730n 10_11_08
  • Ray and Swinbourne Catchment
    (specifically for the Water Eaton area) – issued at
    0745 10_11_08
  • Thame Catchment (specifically
    for the Thame
    area) –
    at 0800 10_11_08

Information for Professional
Partners -nRainfall expected onnMonday 10th Nov and Tuesday 11th Nov

Mondays weather: The daily weather forecast from the MET office currently suggests
that we may see average rainfall amounts ofn9mm throughout today (Monday
10th Nov), with maximum forecast amounts ofn17mm.n Please see below
for breakdown of the timings of the rain:

Monday 10th Nov

0100 – 0600 = 1mm to 2mm

0600 – 1200 = 7mm to 13mm

1200 – 1800 = 1mm to 4mm

1800n- 2400 = 0mm to 1mm

We have received a heavy rainfall warningfrom the Met office this morning, details below:

Period of cover: 9am this morning until 7pm tonight
(plus or minus 2 hours)

Event averages: 8mm

Event maximums:16mm

Todays rainfallnwillnmove in a
band of heavy rain, east across the Region (worst affected areas will be the South and East of Region).n
For these averagenand maximum forecast rainfall amounts on top ofnthe
weekendsnrainfall, it is likely that ancouple morenof our
riversnmay respond by rising out of banks and into the floodplain,
resultingnin a couple morenflood watchesnbeing triggered
throughout today (possibly for the Cherwell and the Ock catchment), but is not
causing us a great deal of concern at this stage.n At the moment we are
not envisaging issuing any flood warnings.

Tuesdays weather:n The daily weather forecast from the MET office currently
suggests that we may see average rainfall amounts ofn0mm throughout
tomorrow (Tuesday 11th Nov), with maximum forecast amounts of 1mm.
Please see below for breakdown of the timings of the rain:

Tuesday 11th Nov

0100 – 0600 = 0mm to 0mm

0600 – 1200 = 0mm to 1mm

1200 – 2400 = 0mm to 0mm

Please see below for the Rainfall
forecast in West Areanfor the next 5 days:

The general weather situation:

Monday 10th Nov: average 9mm
max 17mm

Tuesday 11th Nov: average 0mm –
max 1mm

Wednesday 12th Nov: average 0mm –
max 1mm

Thursday 13th Nov: average 1mm –
max 3mm

Friday 14th Nov: average 0mm –
max 1mm

The worst of this weeks rainfall is
currently forecast for today.n After today, we can expect to seena
big improvement in the forecast rainfall totals for the remainder of the week,
with small amounts of rain forecast and some sunny, clearer intervals.n
Some lighter showers may be seen during Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
though totals are expected to be much less than the expected rain forecast for

We shall keep you informed of any further
useful information

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