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East Swindon | November 20, 2017

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18/06/08 – Letter to Michael Wills MP over MP Expenses

Dale Heenan
  • On June 18, 2008

Cllr Glenn Smith

I have written today to Michael Wills MP and David Cameron MP over expenses MPs claim. Some of the news articles over this recently have made my blood boil and I feel it doesn’t help the openness needed in politics. I have included a copy of the letter below.

Dear Michael Wills,

Following the recent media interest over MPs’ allowances I felt I had to write to you. Quite frankly the allowances that MPs claim should be made public to be open and fair.

Politicians at every level and political persuasion have to contend with apathy and the fact that the public don’t believe they do much or a good job. Clearly this might be true in some circumstances, but maybe I’m an old stick in the mud, but I feel democracy is something to be cherished.

When the speaker wastes over £100,000 trying to stop the newspapers getting their hands on this, I was angered. This is my tax money being thrown away – which doesn’t help those who thing MPs are generally a waste of space (of which I am not one).

Frankly I don’t care where in government you sit or work, or which party you are from, MPs need to be open and transparent on what they do. When you hear how some of the Labour front bench spend £1,900 on flowers in a year or £700 on a mirror it beggars belief.

I agree that there is a strong arguement for pay for a second home if the first is not in London as ultimately it will be cheaper than hotel bills and more practice. However it should be effectively subsistence not greed, with hands in the till as it looks like is currently the case. This released information adds to the argument that MPs are up to no good.

Then I hear that now MPs might try to stop this information getting out, you’ll have a block £23,000 year expense payment made to cover this! So instead of doing the honourable thing, you’re sticking two fingers up to the people who put you there and increasing the expense budget in doing so.

If you support such an action to either keep this information secret or vote for the block allowance you should be ashamed of yourself. You should stand up for the people of this country who work hard and pay taxes who don’t want to see it wasted when there are so many other more pressing things that need to be done.

I would like to know your thoughts on this particular matter and how you intend to vote on such matters going forward.

Yours sincerely,

Glenn Smith

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