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East Swindon | September 24, 2017

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05/03/08 – Environment Agency Flood Review July 2007

Dale Heenan
  • On March 5, 2008

Following comments from residents at a Scrutiny Committee meeting in August, a number number of observations and recommendations were made.




These included:
1. The Environment Agency need an improved knowledge of the local waterways network; need to be more proactive in working with the Highways Agency and more proactive in commenting on road
improvements and planning applications in the Borough.
2. Thames Water need to work closer with other agencies and take greater ownership of the problems that come under their responsibility. Communications need to be improved particularly
improved feedback to residents on how problems are being dealt with.
3. Thames Water need to allocate more resources and staff to the Swindon area.
4. Swindon Borough Council should establish a residents charter for drainage works that details timescales for repairs and how residents concerns should be responded to.
5. Swindon Borough Council should create a Councillors hotline for Members to use during a civil emergency that will provide them with direct advice and information for them to pass onto their residents.
6. Swindon Borough Council should provide a Borough wide distribution and storage service for sand bags.
7. Swindon Borough Council should review the issue of flooding in regards to planning and growth in the Borough, in particular the growth agenda and the knock on effect of issues such as concrete drives.
8. All agencies need to improve their planning and infrastructure in the Borough.
9. Thames Wtaer and Swindon Borough Council should work together to create a comprehensive map of drainage infrastructure in the Borough.

On the 10th March 2008 the Scrutiny Committee will meet again to consider how each agency has responded to the observations and recommendations. At the meeting each agency has agreed to explain what measures it has or it plans to take in response to the recommendations and answer questions regarding flooding issues in the Borough.


Environment Agency Flood Review July 2007
The Environment Agency report contains details about the whole of Swindon. I have copied the sections relevant to our ward below:

Main findings are that a wet May and June with rainfall up to 195% above the long term average combined with an exceptional level of rainfall on 19 and 20 July 2007. This caused fluvial (i.e. from rivers), pluvial (i.e. surface water), groundwater or sewer flooding or a combination of these in the following places: River Ray Catchment: Wroughton, Westlea, Pembroke Park, Haydon Wick and Tadpole Brook area.
River Cole Catchment: Covingham and Nythe, Dorcan Brook and the Honda site and South Marston.

Main points

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