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East Swindon | November 17, 2017

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21/2/08 – Dale, Phil & Glenn meet Thames Water

Dale Heenan
  • On February 23, 2008

Councillors Dale Heenan, Glenn Smith and Phil Young met Thames Water on Thursday night at the Civic Offices to discuss the July flooding last summer, their plans for new foul water drainage at Peregrine Close and unadopted drains across the wards.

Dale Heenan “Thames Water has agreed to attend a public meeting at the Civic Offices where residents can discuss Flooding related issues! This is a big step forward. 

We will let residents know with as much notice as possible so everyone can attend!

Thames Water have confirmed they have cleaned the drains under Covingham Drive and descaled the pipes under Sywell Road since August.”

On July flooding

  • Thames Water were overwhelmed by the situation in July.
  • The Kembrey park call centre was flooded
  • The River Cole pumping station became submerged which blew several electrical panels so it stopped working
  • With the pumping station down, river water flowed into the foulwater system, causing problems with Toliets, Sinks and Drains.
  • There is nothing that can be realistically changed to prevent a repeat.
  • There is no regular work programme for cleaning storm drains!
    Thames Water relies on calls from residents about blockages and site history.
  • Storm drains in the Covingham area were built to the standards of the 1960’s and are generally 6 or 9 inch pipes. Designed to handle 1 in 2yr storms. New development is 1 in 100.

On Peregrine Close

  • A study into Foul Water was conducted in 2000
  • An outline plan to deal with Sewage and add a new pumping station was designed but never progressed
  • Following the July Flooding, Thames Water are going to implement the plan.
  • Test boreholes will be dug in March, along with CCTV of the pipes.
  • Approval may occur at the end of the year
  • 6 month construction period
  • The triangle of land between A419, Merlin Way and Peregrine will be used as a construction storage area.
    We have asked that the soil from flattening the land is used to build up the banks of the River Cole.

Unadopted Drains

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