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East Swindon | November 24, 2017

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15/01/2008 – Heavy Rainfall in the ward

Dale Heenan
  • On January 15, 2008
With the recent storms yesterday and today, Phil, Glenn and I would like to reassure residents that the Council is keeping on top of the situation. We have spent a lot of time trying to address the problem of flooding in Covingham over the last 6 months, and for the last couple of days we have been in contact with the Highways and Planning departments.
These storms have shown where there are still weaknesses in the drainage network, however Council Officers believe this is due to problems below ground rather than the gullies. The Council has cleared out many of the gullies and drains since the July flooding.
Dorcan Way has a particular problem with drain damage caused by somebody near to the play area at Westview. This is causing a considerable amount of water to run onto the road and will be repaired when it’s possible.
Moving near to the redeveloped Esso Garage there appears to be an underground problem with the sewer or gully connections because a number of gullies appear not to be working. They have been cleaned but without much success. This could be due to localised damage or an obstruction by the redevelopment work of the garage. I have asked the Council’s Planning and Enforcement team to investigate.
Further on beyond the Piccadilly Roundabout there is a drainage problem in the verge itself which again is causing water to run onto the road. This coupled with surface problems along this stretch means a lot of standing water. The Highways department are scheduled to reconstruct and build a new drain here plus resurface the road before the end of April !
A resident has contacted Phil, Glenn and I about the Coleview area. The gully cleaning programme has been ongoing and the Highways ad hoc visits should address any problems with drainage and the roads. Thames Water have completed their improvement works so we hopeful that the residents see an improvement.
We have calls out for officers for details on other areas of the ward, but at the moment the issue is just standing water and not flooding of homes! We hope that is the way it stays.

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