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East Swindon | November 20, 2017

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04/10/07 – Esso License is Approved!

Dale Heenan
  • On October 4, 2007

Some of the many residents from Nythe that attended the Licensing Panel on 3rd October 2007 with Cllr Phil Young and Cllr Glenn Smith

Cllr Glenn Smith

Residents’ were quite rightly up in arms last night when the Licensing Panel granted a license to Esso on Dorcan Way, Nythe to operate a 24 hour hot beverage and food service, but more concerningly allow them to sell alcohol.

Myself and Cllr Phil Young talked against the application with respect to the alcohol sales. In addition residents spoke with passion about their fears and concerns about the consequences should this be approved.

However all was not completely lost. Through Cllr Phil Young and my efforts we were able to convince the committee to restrict the alcohol sales, down from the 24 hours that was applied for to 6am to midnight. Although we did not want it at all, we requested that should it be granted stricter times be imposed. We were disappointed the Licensing Panel did not enforce tighter controls on these rather than for opting for those currently listed under the planning guidance.

This does mean for residents that they have now two layers of protection to stop Esso at their soon to be opened Dorcan Way service station in Nythe, that both planning and now their license to sell alcohol restricts the sale from 6am to midnight.

Esso’s representatives did offer that Cllr Young and I could visit the license holder when the sight opens to keep an open dialogue with them, but also discuss how the residents will be able to alert the garage if their customers are causing a nuisance with the products they have purchased at the site.

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