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East Swindon | November 23, 2017

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21/08/07 – Joint Press Release: Nythe Mini-Mart to have conditions added to license

Dale Heenan
  • On August 22, 2007

Following a request to Swindon Borough Council as Licensing Authority for review of the Premises Licence by Councillor Glenn Smith and Councillor Phil Young, the two conservative councillors for the Covingham and Nythe Ward following concerns of the local residents, they and the licence holder Mr Arumagam Raveendran are pleased to have reached agreement on measures to prevent the sale of alcohol to children.  Subject to the Licensing Committee on 22 August accepting the joint recommendations the conditions will be added to the licence with immediate effect.

Cllr Glenn Smith

Councillor Glenn Smith said “I welcome the licensee Mr Arumagam Raveendran’s willingness to listen to concerns from the local community and work with them.”
“Councillor Young and I are pleased that this agreement has been able to be found.  These new conditions that we and Mr Raveendran jointly request be added to the licence will confirm the shop’s desire to work with the community to tackle problems with youths congregating in the area.”

Mr Raveendran said “Since January I have been refusing admission to the shop to children after 7pm and welcome the opportunity to take further preventative measures to make sure that alcohol is not sold to children.  I have been operating the Challenge 21 policy for several weeks now and I am confident that with these rigorous checks and controls that children will stop attempting to buy alcohol but if they do try they will not succeed.”

The full conditions to be added are as follows:

“A log of all refusals to sell alcohol shall be kept in a ‘refusals book’. The premises licence holder shall review this log on a monthly basis. On identification of problems, training needs shall be reassessed. The refusals book shall be made available for inspection. All staff shall be given training on age-restricted sales, to include watching the free SWERCOTS training CD-ROM (or its replacement or equivalent. Refresher training shall take place every six months. Full training records shall be kept and shall be made available for inspection.

Where a person who looks 21 or under presents alcohol at the checkout, they shall be requested to prove their age. No evidence other than a photo driving licence, passport, other government issued identity card or a pass accredited proof of age card (eg Citizen card) or its successors shall be accepted. Signs shall be displayed prominently indicating that customers appearing to be 21 or under who wish to buy alcohol will be challenged. The signs shall also indicate that persons under 18 commit a criminal offence if they buy or attempt to buy alcohol and that it is a criminal offence to sell alcohol to someone under 18.”

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