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East Swindon | November 23, 2017

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27-07-07 – Council Leader joins Dale and Phil in visiting residents

Dale Heenan
  • On July 28, 2007

Phil Young and Dale Heenan have been visiting residents affected by flooding across Covingham and Nythe since last Saturday, and today Dale invited the Leader of the Council, Rod Bluh, to hear for himself the impact.










It was great for Rod to take a personal interest in the situation by joining us in Peregrine Close. With Rod leading the Council’s response to the flooding, to shows that the residents have not forgotten about them and that we will be doing everything we can to help those affected. I hope that residents can be reassured that Covingham will be a priority in all discussions with Thames Water and the Environment Agency.

After the smell of wet carpets and the sight of rubbish on the front gardens, the main thing to hit you is just how much lives have been ruined by the flooding. Carpets, furniture and white goods can all be replaced, but it’s also the personal items such as entire photo collections and objects that have special memories which have been lost.

Some residents have been told it could take 2 months to dry out their property and a further 4 months for the builders to repair the damage. Floors need to be replaced, Kitchens gutted and entire walls stripped and rebuilt.

For the last two months we have been asking residents to write to us with any complaints they have over the drainage in the ward and now this happens. Once the situation has settled down, Cllr Phil Young, Glenn Smith and I will be holding a public meeting so that Thames Water and the Environment Agency can hear from residents exactly what problems they face.

Covingham is one of the nicest areas of Swindon to live, but we have been badly affected by the Flooding. Residents want to know what action Thames Water and the Environment Agency will be taking to see this situation doesn’t repeat itself.

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