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East Swindon | November 24, 2017

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13/4/07 – Response to Labour Leaflet

Dale Heenan
  • On April 13, 2007
The failed Labour Councillor standing against Cllr Glenn Smith in this year’s local elections has managed to show on day one of the campaign how out of touch she is.
Complaining about anti social behaviour, she fails to recognise like our MP, that Policing or more importantly the lack of are controlled by the Labour Government and have nothing to do with Swindon Borough Council. Your local Conservative Councillors have been putting pressure on the Police while our MP does not admit it’s not good enough.
On recycling, she says we are not going to meet our target of 30% by 2010 and we are less than 20%! Interesting as we were less then 17% under Labour and are set to be 30% this year, let alone 2010! Maybe she should read the 50 Promises as it quotes a 50% recycling rate for 2010, one Cllr Glenn Smith is adamant we will meet. More importantly, recycling has cross party support, she clearly doesn’t even agree with her own party – maybe she will walk to the floor like some of her other ex-Labour Councillors!
She also believes that we will force wheelie bins on people who need to drag them through the house – it looks like she is confusing us with failing Labour Councils in other towns, this isn’t happening in Swindon.
It is also nice that she likes the Conservative plans to remove the humps – she has some cheeky, she was in power when they went in. No wonder Labour forced a 42% increase in council tax on the hard working residents of Swindon – they’ve lost the plot.
On the local environment it was her and fellow local ex-Labour Councillor’s administration slashed the grass cutting budgets so much that instead of a health 15 cuts a year, we now only have a measly 6! They both should be ashamed of that and have some cheek complaining about it now. Clearly hind-sight is a wonderful thing.
Finally, she remembers through her rose tinted glasses that just before she was kicked off the Council she asked the Council to put in plastic in the bus shelters. If she had been hard working as she claimed she would have known the bus shelters are installed by Adshell and they replace the glass not the Borough and it does not cost the Borough any money when this happens. If she knows this why is she trying to confuse the public?
A vote for Labour is a vote for confusion and high council tax – can your wallet afford them?

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