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East Swindon | November 24, 2017

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8/3/07 – Council Tax, Labour v Conservatives

Dale Heenan
  • On March 8, 2007

While it might be very desirable to have a nil increase in Council Tax we are unfortunately in a position that makes this practically impossible. These include,

  • Less funding from the Labour Central Government. Although the amount is going up, the % of the total spent by the Council since 1997 has dropped year-on-year. With the gearing effect this means these reductions in our funding has cost council tax payers in Swindon a 20% increase since 1997.
  • More responsibilities, no money. Every year the Labour Government makes Swindon Borough Council pick up more work that other government departments used to do, but regularly does not give us more money.
  • Inflation
  • Increases in Gas and Electricity costs

However having said all this, since the Conservatives came to power as the administration has set three budgets with an increase of only 11.2% over those three years. Compared this to the three years before that when Labour increased it by a wallet busting 42% and you can see a major difference.

In addition, under Labour, Swindon Borough Council was a failing zero star Council, rated 13th worst in the Country! Now under the Conservatives we are a 2 star (having just missed 3 stars very closely) and are heading in the direction of being an excellent council.

There is clearly no choice, Labour can not be trusted to manage the Council.

Only the Conservatives will give you fair and affordable Council Tax, while turning around Swindon Borough Council.

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