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East Swindon | September 17, 2017

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8/3/07 – Brown Bros Affordable Housing

Dale Heenan
  • On March 8, 2007

Cllr Glenn Smith

With the work now starting on the old Brown Bros site, I have been asked by some residents about the affordable housing on the site.

The Brown Bros site is three blocks, of which 43 of the dwellings in one of the blocks, will be affordable housing. The press often use the term Houses which confuses the terminology, it is not three blocks plus 43 houses. If they use the term dwellings that the planning processes uses, it removes this problem.

I believe the developer will be transferring them to a housing association.

Under current central government regulations, when a developer is planning more then 15 dwellings, there is expectation that 30% will be affordable housing. Although there is some movement possible in this number, it is not possible to do the development without them. The Borough has it’s hands pretty much tied over this – as often is the case with planning issues.

The same is happening on the Wimpey houses on the old St Joes site.

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