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East Swindon | November 14, 2017

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02/11/06 – Infill Development in Swindon – Council Motion

Dale Heenan
  • On November 2, 2006

Cllr Dale Heenan, a member of the Planning Committee, has put together a Council Motion which has been accepted for debate on Monday night’s meeting of all 59 Councillors. The aim of the motion is to tackle the growing problem of uncontrolled garden development within Swindon. If adopted the motion will be the first step in coming up with a local solution to a national problem!

The motion is to be proposed by Cllr Colin Lovell (Moredon) and Cllr David Sammels (St Philips).

The gardens of Swindon resident’s are under increasing threat of destruction because of the rising problem of inappropriate and unpopular infill developments. Local opinion is being disregarded and communities left powerless to prevent the loss of precious biodiversity, the increased strain on local infrastructure notably with regard to parking and traffic flow, and the resulting change in the fundamental character of neighbourhoods against local wishes.

Government policy is actively making the situation worse by imposing intensive ‘density targets’ on new developments, resulting in more buildings being crammed into local communities. At the same time it is being made increasingly difficult for local Councillors and residents to see that only appropriate developments are built.

This Council says that development should take place in an integrated and planned manner, and not in a piecemeal or haphazard way. Therefore we:

a. Demands that the Mayor writes this week an open letter to the two Swindon MP’s asking them to actively lobby on behalf of Swindon Borough Councillors to bring forward legislation that will give protection to gardens in planning law, and to allow elected local councillors to have the ability to protect local neighbourhoods.

b. Requests that the local planning authority prepares a draft Supplementary Planning Document covering Infill and Backland development. This document should be submitted to Planning Committee on 13 February 2007 for approval to go out to public consultation with local residents and key stakeholders, as required by the statement of community involvement. This document will identify the best practice criteria that can be used to ensure that only appropriate development on appropriate sites takes place.

c. Requests that the local planning authority report the outcomes of the public consultation back to planning committee by may 2007 and will seek a resolution to adopt the infill and backland development supplementary planning document as a material consideration in determining Planning Application decisions.

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