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East Swindon | November 23, 2017

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June 2006 Councillors Report

Dale Heenan
  • On June 27, 2006


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Even though we reported last month that the collection fleet had doubled in May, we are still experiencing a typical delay of two to three days from the day it should have been collected. 

It is fantastic that the residents of Swindon have taken to this wonderful new free service we are offering. So much so in April and May we collected 389 tonnes! Last week, one team collected eight tonnes in one evening.


Having said that, failure to delivery is not something that Phil, Dale and myself or the Conservative Administration will stand for. I personally raised this issue with the Council Leader, Cllr Rod Bluh and the deputy Leader Cllr Fionuala Foley and demanded that an urgent review takes place.  As an interim measure they have arranged to increase the number of collection teams and for them to work more hours to work longer hours in an attempt to catch up.

Until normal service resumes, it is important that you leave you bags out for the collection as they will be collected as soon as possible. 


There has also been some confusion over the dates of collection. Within the ward, there are several different days based on the collection round you are part of. By the time this article reaches you, you should have received a leaflet from the Council outlining the dates for your street. If you would like further clarification, either check the Swindon Borough Web Site, or contact Phil, Dale or myself.


Some people have been asking me about Compost bins and water buts. Both can be obtained either from Enterprise Works on 616288 or from Thames Water.


Environment and Leisure Overview Committee
As promised last month, we will periodically outline some of the committees that we all sit on and how they are contributing to the Council. This month, we

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